Frequently Asked Questions

You're bound to have a few questions when using our website for the first time, so we've compiled a selection of questions and answers to help you out.

What is this Website About?

At it's core, My Xmas List is a free link shortening service. This means we take long, ugly looking website URL's and turn them into much nicer looking URLs, with a neat "Christmassy" theme! Let's quickly run through an example.

For Amazon customers, this is what a standard Amazon Wishlist URL looks like:

Now, all we do is take these long links, and turn them into short links with our awesomely-exlusive website name, plus a name of your choosing! Let's take a look at the type of URL's our website creates:

Doesn't that look so much nicer? Let alone being about half the size of the original URL! As if by magic, whenever this new link is accessed it will then automatically forward you on to the original URL that you shortened.

What is a Wishlist?

A Christmas Wishlist is simply a list of items that you would love to own, so that you can share Christmas gift ideas amongst your friends and family!

How Do I Make a Wishlist?

We personally recommend using the popular shopping website Amazon to create and compile your Wishlist. Amazon do a great job of explaining the concept of a Wishlist on their official help page here, or you can view our own in-depth guide on our Help Page should you require a little more background information.

However, if you're not a fan of Amazon or you prefer to do your online shopping elsewhere, we will accept any link from any online retailer.

How Do I Get my Short Link?

It couldn't be easier. If you're using Amazon's Wishlist functionality we have made a Help Guide just for you. Otherwise, simply copy the link of your chosen website from the URL bar, and paste it into the specified box on the Home Page.

Can I Personalise my Short Link?

Absolutely. When entering your URL into the box on our Home Page, there is an option to specify your own customised name. This could just be your name, or a string of text up to 20 characters long.

You can use any alphanumeric character, along with hyphens. But be quick - personalised names are on a strict first-come first-serve basis, so unfortunately sometimes the name you want might not be available!

Can I Track my Link?

Once you've created your short link and shared it amongst your social circle, we give you the chance to see just how many times your link has been clicked. How? Just add the + symbol to the end of your short URL and access it with your internet browser (e.g. You'll then be presented with a neat statistics page detailing how many times your link has been clicked, along with geographic and source data!

Can I Contact You?

Still can't find an answer to your question? Get in touch! We'll be happy to help.